Learn The Exact Options Strategies That

Is Using!

Learn The Exact Options Strategies That
Is Using!
The Next Level Options Masterclass is the first step that all of our members have taken to start their Options Investing Journey With The Community

In Our Community's Foundation Class, It Is Mandatory That All Our Members Understand And Learn The Exact Strategies That We Have Formulated To:

  • Build A Rock Solid Portfolio
  • ​In this webinar, we will teach you why high net worth individuals do stock investing, while ultra high net worth individuals like Warren Buffett use option investing.
  • Grow Your Golden Nest With The Power Of Options
  • ​Investing with options is very different from investing with stocks. In this webinar, you’ll discover how time and volatility are additional factors to take into account when you start using options.
  • The Strategies Of How Warren Buffett Invests, Which Many TOP Fund Managers Use As Well!
  • There’s a certain method the professionals use called “collecting premiums”, which is a strategy that everyday investors like you and I can use as well.
  • The 3 Most Important Criteria We Use To Assess Whether A Stock Is Worth Investing In
  • ​We do not invest in stocks based on the news, hearsay or because our friend told us to. Instead, we use a data-driven approach to investing. You’ll discover three key numbers to look at.
  • The Stocks & Options Insider Framework To Achieve Massive Success In Your Investing Journey (even if you are completely new)
  • ​Many investors lose money because they are speculating. During this webinar, you’ll understand why 95% are actually unable to beat the market, and what you can do to increase your odds of success.
Who Would GAIN THE MOST From Our Community Options Masterclass?
 You Are A Newbie Or Just Started Out!
You have never invested before or you are just starting out, but don't want to pay expensive tuition fees rights from the beginning!
 You Are An Experienced Investor
You have been doing well in the markets, but want to find a way to improve your risk-to-reward ratio in a more time efficient manner. 
 You Have Tried Other Investing Methods Before!
Perhaps you have tried other methods such as short-term trading or property investing but have not seen significant results. You might be suited for stocks and options investing where it does not require you to be glued to your computer screen!
Meet Our World Class Community Investor Leaders Who Designed The Next Level Options Masterclass
Chloe Lin
President, Buffett Online School
Chloe is an international speaker and has been invited to travel around the world including places like Japan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam and many other countries.

Chloe also heads the Buffett Online School in Japan. Her immense knowledge and success in the stock market has helped her to become a full-time investor.

As a seasoned journalist, Chloe specialised in finding growth stories in business and identifying opportunities.

She has also been featured in Singapore's official Chinese newspaper Lian He Zao Bao and the online magazine Zuu Online sharing her experience on how to invest safely as a female investor, and how to achieve consistent results from the stock market. 
Pete Tan
Renowned Portfolio Manager
Pete is a highly sought after investment coach who have spoken on the global stages of South Africa, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and many more. He specializes in growth investing, technical analysis and investing psychology.

Using his 8-figure portfolio management background. Pete has helped ground many mentees during turbulent market conditions with his insightful market outlook and allocation strategies.

He has also spoken alongside Mary Buffett on numerous occasions. Sharing with our students his investment thesis and stock analysis.
Here's What Our New Community Members Are Saying...
Financial Freedom
"I never thought I could hit my own version of financial freedom from options investing."

- Hadi, Business Owner

Steady Income
"Passive income helps when the time is bad, when you don't have a job."

- Vera Wong, Program Manager
More Time With Family
"I was able to leave my job after this course and have more time with my family and kids."

- Cherlyn, Roadshow Coordinator

Steady Portfolio Performance

"Options Investing helps when the time is bad, when you don't have a job."

- Vera Wong, Program Manager

More Time With Loved Ones

"It allows me to have more time with my family and kids."

- Cherlyn, Roadshow Coordinator

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Due To The Limited Community Leaders We Have, We Can Only Accommodate A Limited Number of People In Each Class To Join Our Community
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